Kris Snibbe

Sacvan Bercovitch Review of Snibbe's ALM Thesis

"I have read through your thesis with immense admiration. I know of no better interweaving of literature and photography. In particular your readings of Webb's photographs are a model of literary-cultural criticism, blending the aesthetics of fiction and photography with a subtle and astute sense of context. In the course of this outstanding analysis, beautifully conceived and beautifully written, you also manage to convey a vivid portrait of Webb and his times. This work is worthy of publication--it promises to be the beginning of a remarkable career. Congratulations. My warm thanks for giving me the opportunity--the pleasure and the profit--of reading your superb work." 

-- Sacvan Bercovitch, Powell M Cabot Professor of American Literature, Emeritus Harvard University. (ed.), The Cambridge History of American Literature. Oct. 2007.