In 1971, Kris Snibbe was born in Manhattan, New York. 

In 1986, during a High School course taught by Jack Savage in Carmel, CA., he began a long-term project photographing skateboarding culture. 

In 1993, he graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism.  

In 1997, he studied photography with Jack Lueders-Booth at Harvard University. 

In 2005, he studied photography with Alex Webb at Northeastern University in Boston. 

In March of 2007, he received a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Studio Arts and Film from the Harvard University Extension School (honors). His thesis about Alex Webb's photojournalism won The Dean's Prize for Outstanding A.L.M. Thesis in the Humanities at the Harvard University Extension School.  

He has worked as a University Photographer at Harvard Public Affairs and Communications since 1994, photographing the academic community, public service, social issues, science, and the arts at Harvard University. 

His photography projects have revolved around sociopolitical aspects of Buddhism in Tibet, China, India, and the Boston area. He has also photographed in France, Mexico City and San Francisco.