Artist Statement

A camera can be a periscope that 

simultaneously views one's heart  

and the outside world. 


With a motivation to photograph with a 

feeling of universal compassion combined 

with an instinct for geometry, the best you  

see in others becomes organized in a way  

that can sometimes penetrate the heart and 

mind of the person viewing the photograph. 


For me, photography is a way of learning,  

communicating and phrasing questions that  

culminate in a fraction of a second. 


In my life, photography represents a moment  

of discovery that occurs independently of the 

photographer's intentions. 


When photographing, you let go of yourself 

and at the same are authentically yourself  

in such a way that the photograph emerges 

as a by-product of this process. 


People often allow you to photograph them even before acknowledging your presence because they respond to your emotional temperature. 


When photographing, you are living in the 

absolute present, which is a blissful experience! 


Kris Snibbe 

January 2008